Unknown Facts About Bubble Gum

Did you know chewing gum and bubble gum is not commercialized in the US county in mid-1800, when Curtis brothers invented chewing gum from spruce resin. They take a penny for two hunks and popularity quickly spread. Chewing gum was accidentally invented a few decades later, when Frank Fleer invented. Later, it became the first American chewing gum, America’s Original Dubble Bubble Gum.

Sales of bubble gum actually declined in the late 1800s and early 1900s, because the doctors actually told people to stop chewing gum, because they fear it will cause the intestines of people stick together. Of course, this theory was quickly disproved and gums got back on course. Sales continue to grow and always remained strong throughout its history.

In 1951, the company Topps, which makes the popular ring pops kids enjoy so much these days, chewing gum is even more popular in pairs with a wad of chewing gum and baseball cards. This method increases sales in both gum and baseball cards.

Today, chewing gum made with sugar, corn syrup, flavoring agents, plasticizers, and latex, or plastic. Now, Dubble Bubble a new product of America’s Original Dubble Bubble Gum – Fruitastic Flavors, which also became a huge hit among children. The original color of the chewing gum is still pink still the most popular color and sugarless bubble gums is chewed for dental health.

These days, Americans chew bubble gum about three hundred sticks a year, and they all love every minute of it. Of course, the gum is still bought just before Halloween and before Christmas as well. This is a wonderful product that will allow us to keep your mouth busy for us as long as we want. Even the taste is not bad either.

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