Buckwheat is Not a Cereal!

Buckwheat is originally a fruit seed. Like other cereals, Buckwheat diet is also very useful to keep the body healthy and fit. A nutritious food such as buckwheat is available throughout the year, and it can be grounded as flour. Delicious item as the oatmeal can be easily made using it. In some cases, it is served as a substitute for rice. People suffering from diseases related to gluten and those who have sensitivity to wheat can easily replace these items with buckwheat. It is gluten-free and is often well tolerated in humans.

Hearty foods such as buckwheat is rich in minerals such as magnesium and manganese. In addition, they are also rich in fiber too, with an earthy aroma. Buckwheat has a similar size as grains of wheat, but they have an unusual triangular shape. It differs from other grains. In order to make it suitable for outdoor, buckwheat should be digested and removed.

Groats or buckwheat kernels have a very strong nutty flavor to them, when they are baked, they are often referred to as one of the best European dishes called “Kasha”.

When the kernels are not roasted, they contain much more subtle flavor. In general, color of buckwheat kernels range from tannish pink to brown. Similarly, when it is converted into the flour their colors become brighter or darker. The dark shape of buckwheat is more nutritious, and they are also more dense.

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