Cantaloupe Melon Can Relieve You From Stress and Anxiety Attacks

Melons belong to the family of guard, and are usually sweet. Its origins are in Iran, or Persia, the fruit has two main varieties: muskmelon and watermelon. First, usually it has yellowish orange color, and has a hollow center with seeds. The latter, is usually green and red from outside to inside and heavier too. Both can be eaten raw, and can also be prepared as beverages.

Melon helps relieve stress and treat panic and anxiety attacks, because they are rich in vitamin B6, which is needed for the production of important brain chemicals. Melons are rich in vitamin C, thereby they enhance the immune system. They also helps in the attack of radicals to prevent premature aging. Melon can effectively help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and even high blood pressure.

Nevertheless, melon seeds are good for our health too in some ways, we do not eat too much at a time, so you do not get fat or have inner heat. If you eat too much, your tongue may feel swelling and pain, the stomach may get uncomfortable. These phenomena are called “melon seeds disease”. For example, this disease can lead to pain and swelling of the tongue. In addition, eating too much melon seeds can consume a lot of saliva and gastric juice, which may finally got indigestion.

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