Potato Has a Very Good Amount of Nutritious Values

Potato 1
The lowly Irish potato is a very nutritious vegetable that is more than just a delicious food supplement. In fact, potato health benefits are so great, you can describe them as “underground health superstars.” All the plants that support the underground storage of nutrients in the modified structure of plants (usually thickened underground stem of rhizone) contain a large amount of starch,...

Best Health Benefits of Radish You Didn’t Know About

Radish 1
Radishes is a common and favorite part of your salad, which is a root crops and it is an acute or a sweet taste with a lot of juice. Radish may be white, red, purple, or black color and in terms of shape it can be a long, cylindrical or spherical. They are eaten raw, cooked or pickled. The oil obtained from the seeds of radish is also used in various products, and useful for medical applications. Radish...
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