Cheetos The Most Cheesy and Crispy Snack

If you want crispy and cheese snack, you should just head to the vending machine. Hot Cheetos is not the most healthy snack, because they contain a lot of calories, sodium and fat, but you can work them into your meal plan as a rare luxury, if you keep your portion sizes small.

Hot Cheetos have 170 calories in 1-ounce, about 21 pieces and 100 calories from fat. They have 11 grams of fat, which includes 1.5 g of saturated fat, but they do not contain trans fats and cholesterol. Taking high-calorie, high-fat foods regularly including this snack, can increase the risk of problems with obesity and heart disease.

The FDA recommends limiting consumption of fat which is less than 65 g total fat content and less than 20 grams of saturated fat per day. This recommendation is based on a diet of 2000 calories, however, and your specific nutritional needs may vary.

Each serving of hot Cheetos has 2 grams of protein. Despite the fact that no daily percentage value specified for the protein, the FDA requires that most adults have to be sent to at least 50 grams of protein every day. Hot Cheetos also has 15g total of carbohydrates per serving, which is about 5% of the RDA. This total amount of carbohydrates includes less than 1 gram of dietary fiber and sugar.

However Hot Cheetos contain a significant amount of calories, fat and sodium, the snack doest not provide any essential vitamins and some minerals. Each serving contains 2 percent of the recommended daily value of iron and riboflavin, and 4 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E, thiamin and niacin. They do not contain any significant amounts of other vitamin or mineral.

Hot Cheetos contain milk and soy ingredients. Avoid consumption of this snack, if you have a food allergy. Call the doctor if you think you have an allergic reaction after consuming this product.

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