Chicken Soup is Very Good for Health in Winter

Winter is the time that you can really get to know all kinds of chicken soup recipes. This is the season of colds and flu, and if there’s one thing you have learned about getting the cold away is chicken soup which is a tool for the job. Maybe it’s just a couple of nice hot soup, which helps – it wets your nasal passages and clears congestion.

Whatever the scientific position on what chicken soup do to help you, you know that it will not hurt you, and it does end up making you feel pretty good about life. This is a large chicken soup recipe for the next time you come down with the flu. Let’s start with chunky chicken noodle soup. Go with whole grain pasta, not only will you feel better fed in the end, you will have the advantage of a large quantity of food too. Of course, this recipe makes generous use of salt; is but still better than what you would eat if you got it in the restaurant.

But it is simple recipe, and you would be really missing a lot if you aren’t making it at home. Take a well-skinned and cut broiler-fryer. Put it in a saucepan with 4 cups of water, a teaspoon of poultry seasoning, a few celery tops and a pinch of thyme. Place the pot in a roasting pan and wait until the water boils. Now server them to your family, guests and loved ones.

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