Chupa Chup Lolipop Facts You Don’t Know About

Chupa Chups founded by Spaniard Enric Bernat in 1958, which belongs to the Italian multinational Perfetti Van Melle (corporation owns other well-known brands such as Mentos, Smint and Fruitella). Chupa Chups Brand name comes from the Spanish verb chupar which means “to suck.”

Chupa Chups distinguished from other sweets with displays that were cute, sweet, curious and creative.

Chupa Chups cars accelerate sales force members more than 300.000 retail points in the country where their sweet messages, “I bring you good news!” were always welcome.

Logo: As the name of the brand evolved it has become a carefree to style remains the same. Thanks to the creative revelation of Salvador Dali, the logo has become integrated in the form of daisies.

1988 Design stuck. Bright, cheerful and unique, it has become very popular with the public. This has become the ultimate icon of the world famous brand.

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