Health Benefits of Clove

Despite the fact that the health benefits of spices are well documented, there are few which have so many healing and restorative powers, which must be classified as a super spices. And the health benefits of cloves and clove oil will easily rank at the top of the list. If you want to raise the level of antioxidants, to get some toothache relief, or just want enjoy some useful aromatherapy, clove should be in your kitchen and your diet.

We all know now about the importance of anti-oxidants. Whether it helps the body protect against arthritis, diabetes, cancer or heart disease, antioxidant levels in cloves help to prevent disease and suffering.

Now, your body produces two antioxidants on its own, superoxide dismutase and catalase. From lobules is the best antioxidant spice, it really enhances and supports Body’s natural antioxidants. As turmeric, cloves have a high content of flavonoids, anti-inflammatory natural ingredient.

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