What You Can Do with Fennel Leaves

Herbs of fennel is a versatile vegetable that can be eaten not only cooked or raw, but it is also the basis for anise and licorice’s main ingredient. Plant as fennel has brandy-based drinks, while fennel leaves are important spices.

It is not surprising that the fennel and its juice contains some valuable components. Nutrients are similar to those in celery, which belongs to the same family, but is an essential oil, which is the basis of their good action on indigestion and stimulating properties. Relatively there are large amounts of oil in fennel which is 3-6% by weight.

The Greeks called fennel marathon, which is derived from their word for become thin; later emperor Charlemagne ensure that he cultivated in all his farm. He and others in the past, thought fennel gave courage and is good for the eyes. Bedrooms were protected by the evil spirits of the night with fennel in castles.

The plant is one of the main components of the chewing gum, which used to keep the door on Midsummer witch calmly. Insects stay away from fennel, so the floors were smeared with stalks, which keeps fleas at bay.

Stems are cooked, as an alternative to asparagus which is placed under the bread while baking to give aromatic taste. With carrot juice, fennel is very good for night blindness or visual weakness.

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