Fig Juice Health Benefits

The figs are well-known for its mild laxative effect, so care should be taken when consuming fig juice. Try a small amount at first, prepared by two or three fresh figs. Laxative made from concentrated dried figs are just so light that it is suitable for children, so that the effect of fresh fruit should cause you no alarm. However, the term syrup of figs is often used to describe “Compound Syrup of Figs”, this stronger laxative has added senna, rhubarb and Cascara extract to make it much stronger.

Fig juice is also recognized for its calming effect on irritated bronchia: passages. This sedative action soothes inflamed mucous membranes that produce catarrh during a cold. Fresh figs are a poor source of vitamin C, but they are a good source of vitamin B6, than in most other fruits. The figs contain 110 mg of vitamin B6 for 100g.

Figs play an important role in the diet of the most ancient Greeks and Romans. The ancient Greeks fed large quantities to their athletes the Spartans in the belief that the fruit encouraged strength and speed. Roman fed fresh figs to slaves, especially agricultural workers, but dried figs were also widely consumed.

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