Ultimate Benefits You Didn’t Know About Flaxseed

If I had to choose only one supplement it would undoubtedly be flaxseed. Flaxseed benefits include omega-3 and can be viewed as a “superfood” of some sorts. Flaxseed contains 27 identifiable cancer pretentative compounds. Many experts in the field of health and medical experts recommend it for breast cancer and prostate cancer prevention. Furthermore, it has been shown to assist in regulating blood sugar levels. Flaxseed can include reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol and blood pressure.

Consuming daily “dose” of the flax seeds has shown to increase metabolic rate in a human body, and they tend to be leaner, on average, than those who do not. It also helps to keep the skin and hair very healthy. Constipation can be treated with a daily dose of flaxseed. Do not take too much, because it can really clean up the intestines in a hurry when you don’t want to.

Other advantages of flaxseed which helps menopausal symptoms, improving the immune system, reduces inflammatory conditions and have been shown to help people with ADD.

Maybe you should start with a teaspoon a day and gradually work your way up to four tablespoons per day. Especially for women who want to prevent breast cancer. You can find flaxseed in almost every major section of health food supermarket. You can buy original seeds or powder version. If you buy seeds, so be sure to grind them as whole seeds will pass right through your system without any benefit.

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