Leek Amazing Health Benefits

If you are someone who has turned to fresh onions and garlic because of their amazing health benefits, you may have to look at other foods. It has the same benefits, but you may not even know that it exists. We can trace the vegetable leek called back to ancient Egypt, and in Roman times, it was a very popular source of food. It has been part of the national emblem of Wales. But in America, it’s not at the top of most lists of typical cuisine.

It’s hard to say why it is not in the most lists. It is easy to grow in a variety of climatic conditions, it has a mild onion flavor and can be prepared in different ways. Its main health benefits is like garlic, which contains allicin compound of sulfur. It is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral, and moreover, it neutralizes free radicals faster than any known compound.

Another incentive for our health that we can obtain from the leek is kaimpferol. This natural flavonols found are in cabbage and broccoli that protects the mucous membrane of the blood vessels of heart damage and have protective benefits. It also leads to a decreased risk of many types of cancers, including cancer of the stomach, gastric and colorectal cancers.

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