Lima Beans The Starchy Vegetables Health Benefits

Lima beans are easy to grow in your own garden; they provide an excellent source of many different nutrients, and can be used in different recipes. They are starchy vegetables, sometimes known as butter beans due to their smooth, buttery texture. You can buy them dried or preserved in the winter or use them when they ripen in your own garden in the late summer and autumn.

Lima beans growing looks like an ordinary green beans, peppers although flatter than conventional beans. I shall ignore the beans from the pods, with each sub-behind 2-4 fresh beans. These beans are usually green or cream, but there are other options for different colors, including red, purple, black, brown and white. Since they have starch they contain more calories than other types of beans and peas, which is 200 calories or more per dish of cooked beans. These beans are good sources of fiber, which lowers cholesterol and helps digestion.

Fiber absorbs blood sugar and cholesterol, so you do not have a big rush of glucose after eating them. Most cholesterol is absorbed as fibers in the diet of these grains, so that it can reduce the risk of heart attack. Lima beans are a healthy and provide a complete protein, if you combine them with whole grains such as brown rice.

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