Secret Thing You Don’t Know About Milk

Raw milk straight from the cow or goat is full of wonderful benefits of healthy bacteria, vitamins and enzymes, which simply you can’t get from a store-bought milk.

Milk find on your supermarket shelf is flawed for many reasons. One reason is the large commercial dairies do not feed their cows grass and hay, which is what they should be eating rather their cows are fed large amounts of grains which is not cows should eat. As a result, these cows should be fed antibiotics, which in turn passes into breast milk. Bleach is also often added to make sure your package milk is white as can be.

But even if this was not the case, a commercially available milk is pasteurized (heated) and homogenized (a process that breaks down fats), and you can be sure that all these helpful enzymes and healthy bacteria are long gone before reaching the grocery store shelves. What’s left is just a dead fluid, which can cause more harm than good, because the growth of hormones and antibiotics (among other things) is an unhealthy commercial dairy cow.

Many people claim that drinking milk straight from the cow is not healthy and that pasteurization kill things like E coli. The fact that the milk is hygienically collected from healthy grass-fed cow on a small family farm is very safe and the benefits are far outweigh the risks.

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