Mussel Heath Benefits

Green liped mussel has become increasingly recognized for providing some very important health benefits. These benefits are the result of raw benefits that are part of a nutrient that is so diverse, it is called one of the most complete whole foods that are known. Of these nutrients, Omega-3 fatty acid and glycosaminoglycans, and most closely related to the basic advantages of green mussels which are (1) reducing inflammation and inhibition (2) providing assistance and management for problems of swollen joint pain and arthritis.

This is a very important and powerful anti-inflammatory. In an essential fatty acid, which is that we can only get through diet or taking omega-3 supplement. Given that excessive inflammation is a major cause of health problems, it is not surprising that omega-3 supplements is one of the most highly recommended. When I first started taking them, it was advised by two separate doctors – they told me that they were additions that should be taken.

Importantly, as a fat that it is a powerful green mussel omega-3 – it comes from a study that was done. Dr. Howard Peiper, when doing research on the topic titled “The truth about fish oil” than compared mussel omega-3 with salmon oil. They are naturally in our bodies. Chondroitin, sulfate and glucosamine, which are compounds that are included in this group which are usually used as Additives for joints and arthritis.

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