Health Benefits of Oatmeal Without Sugar

The oatmeal is great. As long as you know what kind of oatmeal to buy. This is because not all brands are created equal, and many of those which you can buy in stores will be packed with sugar. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you have diabetes or if your body does not react to spikes insulin, you should avoid any kind of porridge, which is advertised as containing “brown sugar”, “raspberry sauce”, “apple cinnamon” or -nibud else that sounds nice.

Oatmeal, which will be beneficial to health, most of them old-fashioned “rough” type – not “instant” Oatmeal you just pour hot water over and get a delicious sweet dish for a few seconds. Just go easy on the oatmeal and add extra flavor to it, you can always do it in your own kitchen if necessary – fruits, nuts and dried fruit are all great additions, which I personally like. While we’re on the topic of taste, you might want to cook oatmeal in skim milk instead of water – the result will be a much more creamy dish that will appeal to your senses, I guarantee it.

As for the health benefits, oatmeal is extremely high in fiber – about 7 grams per 1/3 cup. If you are not sure – yes, that’s a lot. The reason you want to have it is a lot of fiber in your diet, because it makes you feel full longer, and does wonders for your entire digestive tract; This, in turn, leads to better absorption of vitamins and minerals than anything else you eat, which led to an avalanche of additional indirect benefits.

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