Onion Can Treat Certain Diseases! Know How?

Throughout history, the onion have been worshiped as a natural cure for all. They belong to the same family as garlic. While modern scholars agree that the onion may have the authority to prevent or treat certain diseases, they still have to find the exact substances that have these wonderful healing properties; as a result, the onion are still the subject of numerous studies.

Experiments have shown that the consumption of raw onion can help reduce blood cholesterol levels, because they increase the high density lipoprotein levels, of specific molecules that help to transfer cholesterol from the tissues and arterial walls. It is alleged that the onion, even cooked or raw, protects against the harmful effects of fatty foods on the blood. They apparently contain a substance which helps to prevent blood from clotting and may increase the rate at which blood clots are broken.

Although these statements are not yet proven, there is some evidence to suggest that this effect may help prevent cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, thrombosis, and a wide range of conditions associated with stroke and poor circulation. For this reason, it may be worth including a large onion in your diet, you can try a combination of light crude onions in burgers or instead of the onion sauce, served with fried onions lamb.

Researchers also explore the power of onion to protect against cancer because it is believed, that the sulfur compounds in the onion can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Cooked onions have also been used for catarrh treatment in traditional medicine.

Onions can lead to migraine in some people, however, the sugar which are contained can cause flatulence. Eating raw onion can also lead to bad breath.

Plant compounds that give onions their taste and strong odor led to the belief that the juices can prevent infection. In the Middle Ages, onions were used as protection against the plague. Some modern grass declare that applications onions will remove warts and prevent acne, but there is no scientific basis for these claims.

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