Oregano Has Many Healing Powers

Think oregano and most of us will think of delicious, spicy stuff they sprinkle on the pizza and bread in the joints. Nevertheless, there is still a lot more to oregano and oil made from wild oregano that has many healing powers. Possessed with antibacterial properties, wild oregano oil is particularly suitable for washing by hand and as a cure for snakes, spider and insect bites and tooth and gum infections.

This antibacterial strength also makes it suitable as a disinfectant to clean kitchen and home flooring in combination with water. Furthermore, it can be used to halt the progression of cough and cold in the early stage of massaging the body of a wild oregano oil which helps improve blood circulation, and thereby increasing the energy level of the body, as it prevents bacterial growth.

The most useful medical applications intended for the cultivation of oregano is respiratory tract infections, arthritis, glaucoma and hypertension. For the common cold or flu, a small handful of oregano in a liter of boiling water is a natural remedy. It is not only the evaporation of cold aromatherapy scalp, but it leaves your skin soft and moisturized. Fresh oregano leaves are spicy additions to the soup, meat, sauces, salad dressings and eggs dishes. Oregano can be dried and stored or cut and stored in the freezer. Growing oregano is as easy as pizza. The best part besides fragrance is that it is available throughout the year.

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