Eat Papaya After a Big Meal

In general, eating fruits immediately after you have had a meal is not recommended as it can have a negative effect on digestion. Ripe papaya is one of the few exceptions, it is recommended to eat after a big meal. Given the type of food we eat, papaya supplementation works wonders for our body.

It is a rich source of a number of proteolytic enzymes which help break down the flesh of fruit, and all other forms of protein. Although the advantages of papaya when eaten after a meal are well known, but some may not be known to other advantages. Besides enzymes, papaya is a rich source of several antioxidants like nutrients and minerals. Read on to learn about all the amazing benefits that the fruit provides.

Antioxidants vitamin A and C are found in the papaya, it helps prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Consequently, it is known that it is useful for prevention of diabetic heart disease and atherosclerosis. Given the fact that the fruit of the papaya is an excellent source of fiber, fruits are known to be useful in lowering blood cholesterol levels. The fact that a number of tasty recipes of papaya prevents us from becoming bored of the fruit, although it is quite hard to get bored with a pleasant taste.

The protein digesting enzymes such as papain and chymopapin, help reduce inflammation and improve the healing of burns. Even antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin C is known to help in this regard. Among the many advantages of papaya, it is widely used.

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