Nutritional Values of Peas

You may remember, peas, as one of the food that you hate when you were a kid. While you got older, you understand the nutritional value of peas and other foods and vegetables that you love to hate that even start a fight with your mother.

Peas are generally described as spherical green which contain the seeds. It is one member of the legume family and is known as Pisum sativum. Peas are harvested in the spring before the winter but frozen, canned and dried peas are available throughout the year.

Just like all other legumes, peas have a very rich nutritional value. It has a high protein content and form of the vitamins and minerals as well. Peas are very different from beans. The beans have a higher calcium and phosphorus and peas provides a lower level than them, but they provide the same level of protein and carbohydrates. The content of pea fiber helps reduce cholesterol from the body, making it a good intake for dieters.

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