Why Pizza is Famous Around the World?

Pizza has become an international phenomenon in that wherever you go in the world you will see pizza. Pizza adapted for more cultures and cuisines than most other dishes from around the world. When some local students asked where pizza originally came, they thought they were from the area in which they lived. And rightly so, because the pizza is adapted to any region in the world to live. Limiting the thought of pizza really has an interesting history that began in Greece, contrary to what most people probably think of, and that would be Italy.

There are conflicting stories revolve around the origin of the pizza; the story is that the word “pizza” is derived from the Greek word Picea. Picea adjective describing a black coating left on the bottom of the dough from the incineration ash that was used in the ancient furnaces. The first pizza is probably baked in wood-burning stoves, and perhaps were black on the bottom from the ashes.

Another story that Greek Bake on a clay plate and called ‘piada’. Whichever is true, pizza originated in Greece, but not in the form we know today. The Italians are responsible for the creation of a modern pizza and it will be cake topped with tomato topping, cheese and, of course, everything that you would like to place on it.

Pizza in the United States is taken of all shapes and tastes good on all counts. At one time, a thick crust pizza, which took half an hour to bake very popular. The thin crust pizzas have taken their place, and sport all kinds of toppings. Let’s start with the basic pizza, and it is only with tomato topping, cheese and pepperoni, probably if you are so inclined. I like my pizza with lots of vegetables, such as peppers, onions, mushrooms and olives.

Popular pizza styles are: Hawaiian, Mexican, Southwest BBQ Chicken and Chinese BBQ Duck pizza. Hawaiian pizza as it says in most restaurants is produced with Canadian bacon (Portuguese sausage is more like it) and pineapple along with tomatoes and cheese.

Southwest BBQ Chicken pizza is very similar to barbecue sauce with chicken, red pepper and red onion and cilantro, possibly, of course, cheese. Chinese BBQ Duck Pizza uses Hoisin sauce instead of tomato and cheese, in fact, which is not a common element in the Chinese diet.

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