List of Top Producing Countries of Raspberry

Raspberry is a perennial plant with bright colors and tastes may not be the most popular fruit on the market, but they are definitely one of the healthiest. They protect against many diseases and have many other nutrient content and are simply delicious. Raspberries are available in many varieties have many health benefits and have an interesting history.

Moreover, many great healthy and tasty raspberries also come in many varieties, including Korean raspberry, raspberry of Europe, Western raspberry, blue raspberry, black raspberry, raspberry wine, and the American Red Raspberry.

Raspberries are grown in Russia, Serbia, USA, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, Hungary, UK and France. They are produced in those countries to market fresh fruit, but also to send commercial processing. Dried raspberries, frozen raspberries, raspberry jam and jelly and raspberry sauce are just a few of the many raspberries uses.

Raspberries are traditional summer crops; However, with new developments in the field of technology, raspberries can be found all year round. Like most plants, they need plenty of water and sun to get its full potential, but very moist soil or too much watering can lead to “root rot” which is a serious disease that causes serious problems for the raspberries.

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