Salami Most Famous Deli Sandwich Meat

Salami is one of the most famous deli sandwich meats. Salami is a salty cured sausage. It is not really a raw meat, as it is fermented for several weeks.

Historically, salami was favoured because of its preservation properties. The name Salami comes from the sale word which is salt. Salt is one of the basic preservatives. Salami can be stored without a refrigerator for many years. This is a great advantage, before the invention of the modern refrigerator. Salami have many varieties. Every country in Europe has its own special style of salami.

It can be made of almost any kind of meat or animal. A typical salami consists essentially of pork products, but can also come from cattle, deer and turkey. Spices play an important role in the flavor of salami. In many cases pepper, garlic, vinegar and herbs are added to the meat. These herbs helps the preservation of meat.

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