Why Starbucks Coffee is So Popular?

While everyone recognizes and knows the logo of the local franchise, few know where Starbucks Coffee got its name. The largest coffee making company in the world, Starbucks was named after the first mate in the book Moby Dick.

There are more than 13,100 Starbucks stores in the world, which covers 40 countries. The stores all sell drip coffee, espresso, tea, mixed drinks, coffee cups etc. Interestingly, the prices found in the Starbucks Coffee are significantly higher than the market average. The expensive prices are a direct result of their brilliant marketing strategy.

Starbucks has begin an entertainment division, which offers brand music. Sale of books, music and movies, this brand has turned into something much more than a Venti frappuccino.

Founded in 1971, Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, United States, the company began to grow exponentially. During the 1990s, a new store was opening somewhere in the world every day. This continues into the new millennium, however, the internal growth as slow a lot. However, the brand continues to expand.

Starbucks cafes began to give consumers a sense of different kinds of coffee. Even employees, partners are called different kind of experience than the usual barista expected. From two to six partners run at any time.

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