What You Need to Know About Thyme Plant

If you’ve ever wondered about the many benefits of thyme, then this article is for you. Thyme garden herb is very versatile herb that has been used for centuries for medicinal, decorative and culinary purposes. In fact, a thyme is such a clip for many that they create a garden thyme growing very many species of thyme.

If you look closely at the cabinets of many families you will find that thyme is present in almost all the time. However, it is very rare that you find someone who knows the various benefits of this powerful herb. For ancient civilizations, thyme should be used not only for cooking, but it is used for many other things. For example, the Egyptians used thyme in their embalming fluid and the Romans; it has been used for good luck. In fact, many grasses, including thyme were used as currency.

Thyme is a perennial plant with about three hundred and fifty species, and many of them make for great garden plants. Thyme leaves have quite a different taste and a plant that bees like due to their ability to produce nectar. Garden or common thyme is the most common type of thyme used. This herb is gray greenish woody shrub that produces purple, white or pink flowers, native to the Mediterranean and highly cultivated in France, Spain, the European countries and the western US.

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