Tofu Health Benefits and Where Was it Originated From?

Tofu is a soft cheese like food made from soya milk, which curdled with a coagulant and is commonly used for mixing with other products because it easily absorbs the taste. Tofu is very popular in the East and is beginning to gain more and more ground in Western diets too. Tofu’s history began in China about 2,000 years ago. The first evidence that the Chinese in those days used tofu in their diet is a mural carved on a stone slab that shows a kitchen scene, where tofu and soy milk appeared. This stone was shown back to about 100 AD, oldest known written mention of tofu come from China, around 1500 AD, when the poet Su Ping wrote a poem dedicated to tofu called “Ode to Tofu”.

Tofu started to spread in Asia with the appearance and development of Buddhism. In Japan, Kento priests who went to China to study Buddhism returned tofu recipes at home (this is about 750 AD). It was eaten as part of a vegetarian diet for priests and is often used as a sacrifice on the altar.

Tofu is becoming increasingly popular among the Japanese aristocracy and the samurai class, who are in need of a healthy diet in a constant and rigorous after their training. In the western world, tofu became popular in the late fifteenth century. The first written mention of tofu is in the Spanish dictionary “Vocabularion da lingoa de lapam” in 1603.

Tofu Health Benefits

It has been proven that Tofu is high in protein, almost as much as you get the same weight of chicken meat, without the cholesterol and saturated fat. Cholesterol and LDL decreased by 30%, if you build a diet that is constantly has soya proteins inside. This is a very important advantage for those who have cardiovascular problems, or those who want to reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood. Tofu also has all the amino acids found in animal proteins. Having a low calorie intake, it is a very popular dish in weight loss diets because of its high calcium value, it is ideal for those who want to improve your body.

It is very important scientifically proven fact that Tofu reduces the likelihood of your body becomes malignant. Chemical elements of Tofu act as weak estrogens that help woman’s body is more balanced during this period. Uncomfortable In addition, women experience accelerated bone loss during menopause, Tofu reducing this risk with its high value of calcium.

Additional health benefits include of tofu its high in iron value (providing about 35% of the required daily value), the value of manganese (providing almost 36% of the required daily value) and copper value (11% of the standard RDA). These rates are calculated for 4 ounces of tofu.

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