Turnip Fight Against Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

Turnip is a cruciferous vegetable that belongs to the cabbage family. It is considered as one of the contestants for power against cancer and cardiovascular disease. Turnip has nutritional benefits of this distinctive looking vegetables which contain high levels of antioxidants that can be used in wound to speed up healing. Turnips have a light, tangy flavor, which can easily be eaten raw or cooked. Often overlooked and discarded turnip has clear green leafy tops, which contain vitamins A and C. Green leafy tops can be easily squeezed or thrown into a salad.

It balances the calcium in the body. It is high in fiber, promoting good cholesterol in the blood. It can be substituted for tomatoes and oranges for its vitamin C. It contains vitamin E, manganese, copper and niacin. It helps the absorption of iron. This reduces mucus which helps asthma. It relieves bronchitis and sore throat.

Turnip Health Benefits

1. Diets high in fiber have been shown to reduce the frequency of exacerbations of diverticulitis due to the absorption of water in the colon and making bowel movements easier to pass.

2. Healthy Eating fruits and vegetables can reduce diet Filled pressure and inflammation in the colon. One cup of cooked turnip greens contains 4 grams of fiber. Although the cause of diverticulitis is known that many times is associated with a diet low in fiber.

3. Turnip possess excellent antiinflammatory properties due to the presence of large amounts of vitamin K. These help prevent heart attacks, heart attacks and other heart diseases. Turnip aid in digestion by absorbing larger amounts of bile, which uses cholesterol in the body. This leads to a decrease in cholesterol. Turnip also an excellent source of folic acid, which further helps to improve the cardiovascular system.

4. Carcinogens present in tobacco smoke cause a deficiency of vitamin A, which leads to pneumonia, emphysema and other lung problems. Vitamin A, which is contained in turnips helps to maintain healthy lungs struggle with this defect.

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