History of Walnut and Its Health Benefits

Walnuts trace its origins in many places, it is known that previously they were Persian, where the benefits of walnuts were very well known. Walnuts are believed to have been cultivated as far back as 7000 BC in the wetlands around the Caspian Sea. Today in California, walnut is one of the best nuts around; In fact, nearly 90 percent of US production of walnut is growing right in California. The United States has ranked the second largest producer of walnuts in the world, only to China.

Some people have the idea that all the nuts are the same. This is especially not true for walnuts; These unique nuts which consist of essentially polyunsaturated fatty acids as omega-3 and omega-6, and almost any other nut which consists essentially of monounsaturated fats. Moreover, walnuts are the nuts with a significant amount ALA, oilseeds, which must be consumed through diet. Raw walnuts also have a significantly higher level of antioxidants.

In addition to tasty treats, walnuts are very good for the heart and circulatory system. Walnuts help lower cholesterol, which improves the quality of blood, and they help to reduce the risk of excessive blood clotting and inflammation in blood vessels.

As a reliable source of omega-3, walnuts repeatedly help improve many cardiovascular functions which even counteract high blood pressure. Studies have shown that raw nuts may increase fat oxidation and can reduce oxidation of carbohydrates, which leads to a healthier use of fats on body.

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