Yogurt History, Facts and Health Benefits

Yogurt was first discovered by Turkish citizens. Originally sheep herders keep their milk cows on the bag made of sheepskin. After storing for some time, the milk is fermented by bacteria to become acidic, texture is thickened, but is not obsolete. This mixtures are developed into yogurt as we know it today.

Yogurt in food products are well received even becoming one of the most popular food in all parts of the world, including India and Indonesia. Just because society accepts the characteristics of yogurt, sour, sour, which has a lot of benefits for your health.

You can find many different types of yogurt in market. Plain Yogurt is one of them, which is white and have a sour taste. This type is suitable for a mixture of different types of cakes, drinks, puddings and dishes because of the neutral taste. In addition to plain yogurt, fruit yogurt is the kind where you have added juice and pieces of fruit.

The creamy taste of yogurt, sour and fresh not only delicious it can be consumed directly. Various types of food will be more delicious if you add yogurt in it. Another dish that fits combined with yogurt is ceam soup, salad dressings, puddings, ice cream and fresh drinks like juice.

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